VNG Over Read Services From Secure Health, Inc.

VNG Over-read Services from Secure Health, Inc.

Benefits of VNG Over-Reads 

Often, our clients look to us for assistance in having their VNG (videonystagmography) reports read. Many of our clients have the knowledge to do the interpretation, but not the time, while other clients prefer to utilize additional expertise to complete the over-read or help them learn to correctly read the VNG test results.  Either way, we are pleased to help. For the past four years, Secure Health has efficiently offered over-read services.

We work with a trusted and respected Doctor of Audiology for our over-read services. Our expert has read thousands of VNG tests and is highly competent. Typically, the over-reads are completed in 24 to 48 hours.

How to Get Started With Over-read Services

If you are interested in our over-read service, it's quick and easy to get started.

First, we send you our agreement which explains the service and what it costs.  Along with the agreement, you'll receive instructions regarding our cloud-based file folders, plus a credit card authorization form.  We require your credit card information prior to setting up your online folder. At the start of each month, we compile a report of all over-read reports completed. Secure Health then invoices each client and charges your credit card for payment.

Once the signed agreement and credit card authorization form is received by Secure Health, we send an invitation to join our cloud-based account to you and/or your designated contact person.

Online Cloud-Based Files

Security is a key component of our secure and efficient VNG over-read service. You will be sent an invitation to join our online account after a folder is set up in your name. The only ones able to access your folder in our master account are you or anyone you designate, Secure Health staff, and our over-read service provider. Clients are required to use our master account and not their own account.

When you enter your newly setup account within our master account, you will find three sub-folders entitled; "New VNG Reports," "Completed VNG Reports," and "Archive."

As you or your technician complete a VNG report, simply upload the PDF of the VNG report to the "New VNG Report" folder. If you are using a VNG device manufactured by Difra Instrumentation, you will generate the PDF report within the VNG software.  If needed, Secure Health will instruct you on the one-click PDF conversion from the Difra software. If you are not using VNG equipment manufactured by Difra Instrumentation, we will work with you to get the information we need for the over-reads.

From there, our over-read expert will access the folder containing your new reports, complete the over-read, then upload the completed report back into your "Completed VNG Reports" folder.  You can download the report for your patient files. If you choose, you may move the report to the Archive folder for future reference or just remove it entirely from the online folder.

That's all there is to it.  It's secure and efficient plus reasonably priced.  If you are interested in using our over-read services, contact me at 260.804.4041 or via email to [email protected]. I look forward to speaking with you.

Thank you and stay healthy,

Dan Scherer

CEO, Secure Health, Inc.

260.804.4041 / [email protected]