Special Incentive: Lease your new VNG with 4 months deferred payments and 8 months of ramped up payments

Special Incentive:

Lease your New VNG with 4 months deferred payments and 8 months of ramped up payments

Special offer during the challenging COVID-19 economic crisis

Now is the time to prepare for new opportunities in the coming months  


Perhaps you've already been seriously considering offering balance assessment, vestibular testing, and rehab treatments. During difficult economic times resulting from the current COVID-19 public health crisis, this is a pivotal point to add new ancillary patient services to your practice. By strategically positioning now, you can get ready in anticipation of a backlog of patients looking for your vestibular services. Why not offer vestibular testing in-house and stop referring patients to someone else? We also get calls from many health care providers who need to update and upgrade their current videonystagmography VNG system.  

In the interest of helping Secure Health's clients meet the demand of serving new vestibular patients, I sought a special financing offer from our longtime primary lender. I asked them to help our customers by creating a solid payment program that will allow clients to lease equipment now and not have the burden of lease payments until well into the future. Plus, the interest rate had to be aggressive.  I asked to make the program so strong that our clients can start now instead of later, so they and their patients will benefit right away from these new incentives.

I am thrilled with the program -- it checks all the boxes with deferred payments and low-interest rates.  Here is how it works; 

$0 for 4 months, followed by 

$325 for 4 months, followed by

$625 for 4 months, followed by

$900 for 48 months

There is an upfront document fee of $299.  

Of course, this program is contingent upon credit approval by the lender.

This is a great way to replace your existing VNG system or get started offering vestibular testing right now.  You can take this time to get ready to resume full operations, but the payments would be months away, thus allowing you to get going now. Further, efforts for billing and collecting reimbursements would start long before payments begin.

It's always better if you can plan ahead and this is the perfect time to do just that.  To get started, complete the online lease application for approval.  Our preferred lender will contact you by phone to discuss the lease program in detail. Our lender conveniently offers electronic documents so there's no need to mail everything back and forth.  It's a swift, efficient way to take advantage of the great lease program and upgrade or kick-off your new vestibular program. We've already helped savvy new clients get underway through the lease program.

I am a firm believer that when we encounter adversity and challenges, there are always new opportunities that emerge too.  Don't focus too much on the adversity because you may miss the opportunity.  

If you have questions or just want to talk over the special lease opportunity call me at 260.804.4041 or via email at [email protected].  

Stay Healthy

Dan Scherer

CEO, Secure Health, Inc.

260.804.4041 / [email protected]

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