HeadStar E-Z VNG Basic Package

1 Camera, Two Channel, Goggles, Laptop Computer and 24" Monitor

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Pre-owned equipment & demo units

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Premium Difra VNG Equipment

VNG Testing, Premium VNG Diagnostics VNG Testing Equipment: Secure Health, Inc. offers vestibular testing equipment and the latest Difra premium VNG equipment and  (videonystagmography) technology to find the affected component of balance disorders. Many such disorders can be treated and corrected within weeks. HeadStar and NysStar VNG Systems Objectively identify…

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New VNG Equipment for Sale

VNG Equipment for Sale New Premium VNG Vestibular Diagnostic Equipment VNG Equipment / Videonystagmography Equipment: VNG EQUIPMENT: Objectively identify…

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One Camera HeadStar E-Z VNG

Basic HeadStar E-Z VNG Standard VNG Package: Camera, Goggles, Laptop Computer and 24″ monitor Monocular: One Camera, Two Channel…

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Caloric Irrigators

Secure Health, Inc. offers a series of premium Difra caloric irrigators for balance assessment testing Designed for an accurate…

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Frenzel: Monocular, Binocular Video Frenzels

Video Frenzels A Complement to your Balance Program Comfort, quality, and flexibility are key features of VideoStar™ video Frenzel…

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Balance Assessment Platform

Better Balance Assessment Platform Balance assessment screening programs are an essential component of a comprehensive balance practice. Create a…

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