Maximize Care of VNG, Caloric Equipment

Maximize Care of VNG, Caloric Testing Equipment

Many of the issues we deal with regarding VNG testing equipment and caloric irrigators in need of repair are inadvertently caused by improper care and mishandling of the equipment. Because the issues are typically avoidable, these basic tips will help reduce the chances of damaging your VNG equipment. Each and every one of the situations below have occurred on at least one or more occasions. By taking precautions, the lifespan of your medical devices will improve and the downtime and costs to repair will be minimized. 

Unpack and inspect the equipment immediately upon receipt

Upon receipt of your VNG equipment, unpack it and carefully inspect it immediately to ensure everything is in proper order. Occasionally packages get damaged in shipping and a claim is needed. Problems we've seen include packages that have been bashed or dropped during shipping, which may cause damage to the product and/or broken parts. 

Some of the parts are extremely expensive to repair or replace. If a claim isn't filed with the shipper within the proper period of time, it won't be reimbursed, which then falls on the client. The client's insurance may or may not cover the damage.

Every package we ship is properly insured. However, we've had clients who didn't open their packages for several weeks and then are caught off-guard if there is a problem and it is too late to file a damage claim. Another scenario is packages get misplaced and lost within a busy practice if they aren't opened and unpacked in a timely manner. 

Thoroughly read the product manual/s

Before plugging anything in or setting up your VNG system or caloric irrigator, read the manuals from start to finish. The manuals are very helpful with key tips such as only using distilled water for your water-cooled CoolStar caloric irrigator. An investment in your VNG equipment is worth taking the time to read the product manuals. When you and your team follow all technical and safety precautions this will avoid causing problems due to user error, which will void the warranty.

Always, always, always use a surge protector

Every VNG system we sell includes a brand new surge protector. The reason we include the surge protector is because it is vital to the lifespan of your VNG equipment. 

We do have conversations with staff who freely admit they didn't use the surge protector, but even when clients aren't sure what happened, our electronics engineers have diagnosed damage from power surges more than anyone would care to think. To vastly reduce the chances of a damaging power surge, always use the new surge protector that is included with every system. Replace the power surge periodically with a new one because they do wear out over the course of time.

It is possible that damage from a very strong power surge could happen even with the protection of a surge protector. During a powerful weather storm or when not in use, properly turn off and unplug the equipment.

If the surge protector isn't used, isn't consistently used or a weather or other power surge damages the equipment, it will void the warranty.

Never use a power adaptor that wasn't originally provided by the manufacturer

Power adapters have varying levels of amps and cannot, nor ever should be switched with the original adapter included with your VNG equipment. Substitutions will likely cause a damaging power surge and void the warranty. When in doubt, contact Secure Health for further information.

Handle your equipment with care

Caloric irrigators, VNG medical devices and electronic equipment are able to withstand reasonable handling, but should never be jostled, dropped, tugged on the handles and cords, treated roughly, nor improperly operated. Further, when transporting or shipping your medical device, carefully and properly pack it. For more information, contact Secure Health and refer to the warranty terms provided on this web site.

Binocular glass mirrors are very expensive, handle them with extreme care

Binocular VNG systems include a glass mirror that costs around $1,000 to replace if broken. Therefore, use extreme care when handling the mirror to reduce your chances of breaking it. Broken mirrors are not covered by the product warranty unless due to a valid warrantable event

Ensure everyone using the VNG and caloric equipment follows the same procedures

It is normal to have attrition due to staff turnover, and that is understandable; however, it is imperative to ensure everyone who handles the equipment are all following the same procedures and precautions. It only takes one person to accidentally break or misuse it and it can cause a multitude of fall out. It is worth taking the time to properly train and periodically follow up to prevent avoidable equipment issues.

If you have questions or just want to talk about this post or you have any other questions, please contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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